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The optional Calendar module provides Outlook-like scheduling functions. Unlike Outlook, the HearAid Calendar can simultaneously display appointment and task lists for any number of Resource and can be shared across a network


The Toolbar:




The Search menu allows the user to search for

- Appointments containing user-specified text in the Subject

- Searching for Cancelled appointments so that they can be recycled

Calendar Letters

The Letter button and menu allows the user to print appointment letters. The list of letters can be extended by creating letter templates in Rich Text format and saving them in the ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Reports\Forms folder
Each Calendar Resource can have its own Default Letter assigned in Lists|Resources, but the default selection can be overridden by making a different selection from the Letter list


Calendar Reminders

The Reminders menu allows users to send appointment reminders to clients via email or SMS or both. Once reminders have been generated the status of affected appointments on the Day Sheet will change to Email Sent or SMS Sent as appropriate

- All will generate email and send reminders for clients with an email address, as well as for clients with a mobile phone number entered in either Phone #1 or Phone #2 in Client Details

- Email will generate and send reminders only for clients with an email address

- SMS will generate and send reminders only for clients with a mobile phone number. This option requires that the SMSAdvantage program software be installed on the computer being used to generate the reminders

- Reset Status cancels the reminder status from Email Sent or SMS Sent and sets it back to Appointment

Calendar Options

Show Work Time Only hides times outside the Day Begins/Day Ends range set in Tools|Calendar
Gradient Colours changes the way appointments are coloured from "solid" colour to "gradient" colour:

Gradient Colour

Allow Events to Overlap allows more than one appointment to occupy a time-slot; if this option is unchecked appointments are not allowed to clash

Overlapping events

Group by Resource, Group by Date and No Grouping control how the resource columns are grouped. No Grouping will display all appointments in a single column

Group by Resource

Group by Date

No Grouping

Display Events for Single Resource the Appointment Calendar can now be viewed with all future appointments for a single resource, as an alternative to appointments for all resources in a specified date range
Archive Calendar Events will move old appointments/events into an archive table
View Archived Events hides active events and allows users to inspect archived appointments/events but not to modify them
Un-Archive Calendar Events returns archived events to the active calendar table
Export to MS Outlook will push events from the currently selected resource, for the currently selected date range, into MS OUtlook
Import from MS Outlook will import events from MS Outlook

Importing/exporting to MS Outlook may cause duplication of some events! Use with care...

Refresh refreshes the appointment sheet by forcing a re-read of the data, and ensures that appointments which may have been entered at other network workstations are displayed. The Appointment sheet automatically refreshes itself every minute when idle i.e. an appointment or task is not being added or edited
Set Bookmark stores the currently selected calendar date
Go to Bookmark quickly returns the calendar to the Bookmarked date
Go to Resource appears whenever the number of visible resources in the Day Sheet is less than the total number of resources available. You can scroll quickly to a particular resource by selecting it from the drop-down list
Today scrolls to today's appointments
The blue 2, 4, 6 and 8 buttons scroll to 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks ahead from the currently selected sheet date
The green 3 and 6 buttons scroll to 3 or 6 months  ahead from the currently selected sheet date
1 and 7 change the appointment sheet view from 1-day per page to 7-days per view or week-view


7 Day View


Time Grid View

Time Grid View


The Work Area:



The Work Area consists of five panes:

1.The Day Sheet, which contains columns for each Resource. There must be at least one resource! Use Lists|Resources to create resources. Appointments are added and edited using the Appointment Editor
2.The Time Bar. Time intervals and Day Begins/Day Ends times can be set in Tools|Options|Calendar but can be changed temporarily by right-clicking on the Time Bar and selecting an interval from the pop-up menu. The Time Bar also displays a coloured horizontal band indicating the current time
3.The Clients Waiting list. This list can be hidden/shown by right-clicking on the list or the Task List and clicking Show/Hide Waiting Room List on the pop-up menu
4.The Month Calendar
5.The Task Pad. Tasks are added and edited using the Task Editor. Tasks that are due "today" will have a pale yellow background while overdue tasks will have a pink background


The Clients Waiting and Tasks lists will display either just the clients and tasks for the selected resource it the Selected Resource tab is clicked, or will show the complete list of waiting clients and tasks for all resources if the All Resources tab is selected


To Add or Edit an appointment:

1.Double-click on an Appointment cell, or right-click a cell and choose New, New All Day Event or New Recurring Event from the pop-up menu; to edit an existing event just double-click it
All Day appointments display in the grey area at the top of the resource's column; double-clicking in the All Day area will automatically set up the Appointment Editor to create an All Day event
Holidays or Special Days will be displayed as All Day events
Shared appointments are those where more than one resource share and appointment e.g. an appointment made with a clinician resource is also shared with a test booth resource
Recurrent Events, created using the Recurrence Editor, will be indicated by Recurrence, while an exception to a recurrent event is indicated by RecurrenceException
2.Fill in the Appointment details using the Appointment Editor
3.Save the Appointment

Appointments can be moved by dragging and dropping onto the Day Sheet or Month Calendar

Appointments can by Cut/Copy/Pasted by right-clicking and choosing from the pop-up menu


To Add or Edit a task on the Task Pad:


1.Click in the Click here to add a new Task box or double-click on a Task cell


2.Fill in the Task details using the Task Editor


3.Save the Task


The Cancellations and Available Time Slots Panel slides out from the right window edge as you move the mouse over the coloured tab


and provides a quick way to find available free time slots and cancelled appointments that are also still available. Users can define the time range to search for available time-slots, as well as three times to be excluded from the search (e.g. tea breaks and lunch). Double-click a time to scroll the calendar to that date