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Automated Maintenance Claim Processing

Automated Maintenance Claim Processing

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Automated Maintenance Claim Processing

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The Automated Maintenance Claim Processing is accessed from the Quick Reports|Process OHS Maintenance Claims menu item. Automated Maintenance Claim Processing a powerful feature of HearAid which helps ensure that Client fees and OHS maintenance payments are collected regularly.

The Toolbar:



Period sets the date range for Maintenance Expiry Dates to be included for processing
Refresh Query will update the lists in response to a change in the Period
Process Claims creates new claims and covering letters for each client with the Claim? box ticked


Auto Claim Options


When automatically generating maintenance claims, HearAid will use the Site, Practitioner and Authorised Person used on the previous maintenance claim, after checking that those entries are still valid/active. This default behaviour can be overruled and the Default Site and/or Default Practitioner and/or Default Authorised Person can be used for all the generated claims


Settings for these items should be done BEFORE processing the claims


The Print List menu enables separate printing of the Auto-Process Claims list and the Individual Claims list


The Work Area:



The Automated Maintenance Claim Process


Identifies all clients whose maintenance is due within a specified period (defaulting to the current month)
Checks whether a monaural or binaural item should be claimed and
Generates claim forms and letters
Claim items are determined by either

(a) the most recent maintenance claim or

(b) the fitting date for a previously claimed 630 or 640 new fitting item.

Generated maintenance claims can be forced to use the Default Site, Default Practitioner and Default Authorised Person in the claim detail
When the program cannot find a previous claim or fitting item to use as the template for the automatically-generated claim, the client is added to the Maintenance Claims Which Must Be Processed Individually list. The list can be printed and then used to create maintenance claims for each client separately
Once the claims have been created the claim forms and letters are displayed in the Print Preview window. If you choose not to print the claims and letters you can repeat the process at a later time; maintenance claims will not be generated if the Maintenance Claim Date is later than the Period start date (i.e. a maintenance Claim has already been generated)


Processing claims for the next financial year:

Most clinics automatically process claims one or two months ahead. This can cause problems if claims for July are processed before the fee schedule has been updated. The Office of Hearing Services usually publishes the updated fee schedule in May each year and HearSoft Pty Ltd provides an update script within a week of the schedule being published.

It is therefore essential to make sure you have downloaded and applied the fee update BEFORE doing the Auto Maintenance run for June!

In the event that you do not apply the update first, all your claims will be rejected! To roll back the automatically created claims you need to remove them in Database|Query