HearAid Version 5.0

Database Navigator

Database Navigator

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Database Navigator

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The Database Navigator is the toolbar which appears at the top left of the HearAid program window. In "Browse" mode the Database Navigator looks like this:



When adding or editing data, the Database Navigator changes to "Edit" mode, and the Save and Cancel buttons are activated and the Edit button is deactivated:



When a data table is in "Read Only" mode, the buttons which allow you to add, delete, edit, save and cancel changes to a data record are not visible. For example, the Database Navigator in Search mode, or when looking at lists without the password, use the "Read Only" mode navigator:



The  Database Navigator buttons have the following functions:



First goes to the first/top record in the table. This button is disabled if the first record is the active record


Prior goes to the record before the currently active record


Next goes to the record after the currently active record


Last goes to the last/bottom record in the table. This button is disabled if the last record is the active record


Refresh re-reads the database and refreshes the data view. For example, clicking this button after adding a client will re-sort the client list


Insert adds a new record to the table. Keyboard shortcut is Insert


Delete removes the active record from the table. You will be asked to confirm that you really want to delete the record! Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Delete


Edit switches the record into "edit mode" and allows you to make changes to the active record. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Insert


Save saves all changes to the active record which is being added or edited, then switches the table back to "browse mode", which prevents accidental changes. Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+S


Cancel discards any changes made in "edit mode", or if you have been adding a new record, it discards the entire new record without saving anything


In order to ensure that the data displayed in HearAid is current for all users, HearAid has a built-in AutoRefresh function which automatically refreshes the data every minute while the program is idle i.e. any time except when data is actually being added or edited. Functionally, this is equivalent to clicking the Refresh button every 60 seconds.