HearAid Version 5.0

Client Details

Client Details

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Client Details

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The Toolbar:



Duplicate will copy the current client's Family Name, Address, Phone and Contact details into a new client record and is useful when, say adding a husband and wife or several siblings at the same time
The Select Claim box can be used to quickly find a claim record for the selected client without needing to switch to the Claims work-area
The colour patches show the colour coding for each of the four client categories used in HearAid
Export and Import can be used to exchange information with QuickBooks or MYOB


New to Version 5 are the Company and Insurance categories. Company is used with the Industrial module, for reporting industrial hearing screening tests.

Allocating a Company/Employer in the Identifiers section for a non-OHS client will classify the client as a Company client
Allocating an Insurer classifies the client as an Insurance client


The Work Area:



The Client Details work area consists of two panels

1.The Client Form, and
2.The Client List


To Add a new client:

1.Click on the Client Form
2.Press the Insert key on the keyboard, or click Insert New Record on the work area toolbar
3.Enter the client's details and press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar


To Edit an existing client:

1.Click on the Client Form
2.Press Ctrl+Insert on the keyboard, or click Edit on the work area toolbar
3.Modify the client's details and press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar


Basic client details are entered in the top section of the Client Form


If you enter an e-mail address for a client you will have the option of distributing mail-merge letters electronically
Clients who are no longer active eg have moved away, relocated or died, should have the Active box unchecked; inactive clients are excluded from automated maintenance claim processing
The Attention! section is used to set a notification or reminder flag. This feature can be used to notify all users that there is something about the selected client which they may need to know. For example, it may be something like a reminder to reception staff that the client prefers tea to coffee, or it may be something as important as notifying all staff that the client is HIV-positive.

For confidentiality reasons, the Attention! section always collapses whenever the selected client is changed, or the data is refreshed



If a message is entered the Attention! section changes colour and a flag appears in the client navigator. Deleting the message forces the Attention! section to revert to the normal colour scheme



The Contact section is used to store alternative contact information e.g. the client's caregiver



The OHS section holds information used to prepare claims for the Office of Hearing Services. If a client has an OHS Voucher Number entered, HearAid will offer to update the Left and Right 3-FAHLs (3-Frequency Average Hearing Loss) whenever an audiogram is saved in Tests|PTA. The Maintenance Date is normally the anniversary of the first fitting date for the client and is the start of the 12-month maintenance period

Rehab Plus status can also be tracked here
If a client has declined an invitation to participate in Rehab Plus, or is ineligible, select Declined/Ineligible
If a client has accepted an invitation to participate in Rehab Plus but has not yet attended any groups, select Accepted/Waiting. The OHS Rehab Plus Waiting List Quick Report uses this setting to list clients waiting for groups
Once a Rehab Plus claim has been submitted, HearAid 5.0 will automatically set Rehab Plus to Completed



Client IdentifiersThe Identifiers section stores references to various other ID codes:


Binaural Fitting will be automatically updated as OHS Claims and Fitting records are added and is used in automated maintenance claim preparation and the EARtrak module
Government numbers
Employers and insurance companies
The Insurance Claim Reference is also used by the EARtrak module
Account package (eg MYOB or Quickbooks)
An External ID such as a hospital medical record number




The Client List provides a quick way to move through the client table

Begin typing a client's name and the list will scroll as you type




When you click on the client list the toolbar changes


The Database Navigator buttons for First, Next, Prior and Last become visible
The Insert and Edit buttons are disabled


Deleting a Client

When you delete a client by clicking the Delete button on the toolbar, HearAid automatically gathers all of the client's data, including notes, fittings, tests, etc and copies it into a zip file stored in the Client Archive folder. If for some reason you need to recover the data, use the Tools|Import function to navigate to the \HearAid 5.0\Client Archive folder, then select the zip file named after the client and click the Import Data Now button



A list of the client's appointments is available at the bottom of the Client List: drag the splitter at the bottom of the list upwards to display the list. The list displays the appointment status icon and the appointment category as a quick guide. Double-clicking an appointment will display the appointment calendar for the date of the appointment

New Appointment List

Also listed are any mail-outs generated from the Quick Reports|Mail Merge menu