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HearAid 5.0 can scan and store documents and links to documents. This function requires a scanner to be directly connected to the computer entering the data and that appropriate scanning software is installed if you wish to use it to store images. Alternatively, you can store the path to a document and use the View Document button to open the linked document outside of HearAid.


The Toolbar:



Scan Document connects to the computer's scanning software, which is then used to scan the image
View Document will use Windows to open the linked document


The Work Area:



To Add a new scanned document:


1.Place the document in the scanner
2.Click the Scan Document button to begin capturing the document, or right-click on the Thumbnail area and choose Load from the pop-up menu to import an image from an external JPEG file
3.Select whether the document is to be scanned into the database or saved as an external file
4.If scanning to an external file, enter a file name, or enter a Document Name if scanning to the database
5.Press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar




Document Link

To Add a link to a document on your computer or network

1.Click the drop-down arrow and use the File and Folder list to navigate to and select the file/item you want to link
2.Press Enter to store the path


This is an extremely powerful feature! Not only can you can link to a document or picture file, you can also store Windows shortcuts or executable program files and clicking the View Document button will open the file, shortcut or program in a separate Windows process outside HearAid.


Linking to a file rather than scanning it in will also dramatically reduce the storage overhead in the HearAid database.


To Edit an existing record:

1.Click on the Form
2.Press Ctrl+Insert on the keyboard, or click Edit on the work area toolbar
3.Modify the details and press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar


Importing, Exporting & Printing Documents



Documents can be Imported in two ways:

1.Insert a new record
2.Load a JPEG file: right-click the thumbnail, select Load from the pop-up menu and navigate to the JPEG file you want to import, or
3.Copy an image to the Windows clipboard: right-click on the thumbnail and select Paste from the pop-up menu


Documents can be exported or printed by right-clicking the thumbnail and either


Copying the image to the Windows clipboard and pasting it into a document
Choosing Save As... to export the image to a JPEG file