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Exporting Data requires that you have an email account which permits the attachment of Zip files to outgoing messages. Some systems enforce e-mail rules which routinely intercept messages with Zip attachments and you may need to discuss setting up an appropriate e-mail account with your IT manager.


The Toolbar:



Click Export Data Now to extract data and create Zip file


The Work Area:

HearAid exports data in 2 ways:

1.All New and Modified Data. This method extracts all data from all tables where the Last Updated timestamp is after the number of days prior to the current date that you have specified in the No. Days' Data to Export box. The default number of days is set in Tools|Options|Data Export. The extracted data is copied into a number of XML tables which are then compressed into a zip file called SiteCodeYYMMDD.Zip, where SiteCode is the Site Code set in Tools|Options|Data Export and YYMMDD are the year, month and day of the date the export is performed. The zip file is attached to an e-mail and sent immediately. If no e-mail connection is available an error message will be generated and the e-mail will be discarded. The data will be e-mailed to the address set in Tools|Options|Data Export|Export to e-Mail Address. You must set this address before you can export any data!!




2.Currently Selected Client. The currently selected client's data is copied into XML tables which are then compressed into a zip file which is named after the client and the Clients table primary key for that client. For example, data for a client called Lindsay Symons, whose Client ID was 1234 the extract would be SYMONSLindsay1234.zip


If you have ticked the Delete Data After Export box the client's data will be automatically removed from the database! If necessary, you can import the data again using the Import function


The zip file is saved in the ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Client Archive folder