HearAid Version 5.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dates are Displaying in US Month-Day-Year Format... How do I change to Australian Format

How do I print mailing labels for the Address Book?

How do I install software updates?

How do I "Search and Replace" values in a table?

How do I create Custom Quick Reports?

How do I update OHS Device Lists?

How do I remove Auto-Maintenance claims prepared in advance with the old/wrong fee schedule?How do I prepare  an e-Claim test batch for the Office of Hearing Services?

The OHS/Medicare response file I just downloaded is not visible in the Reconcile list

What do I do when I have accidentally tried to lodge claim batches "out of sequence" and the Medicare web site will not accept a batch?

Why are some claims "stuck" in Pending and not being batched?

Why are some Claims still showing as Processing after all outstanding batches have been reconciled?

Why can't I see a client's record in Client Details when I know the client is in the database?

Why does the Batch Log show zeros for Accepted/Rejected items and no "Processed By Medicare" date?

Where is the best place to store the OHS/Medicare Authentication file?


More Frequently-Asked Questions can be viewed on-line at www.hearsoft.com.au/faq.htm