HearAid Version 5.0

How do I Transfer HearAid to a New Server?

How do I Transfer HearAid to a New Server?

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How do I Transfer HearAid to a New Server?

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Transferring an installation of HearAid 5.0 from one server/computer to another requires these steps:

1.On the new server: Install the Firebird Database Server from the original HearAid 5.0 installation CD, or by downloading and running a copy of the installer from www.hearsoft.com.au/download/Firebird1_5.exe
2.On the old server: Stop the Firebird service either by using the Firebird 1.5 Server Manager applet from Control Panel, or by selecting Control Panel|Administrative Tools|Computer Management|Services & Applications|Services and stopping the Firebird Guardian service.
3.Once the service has been stopped, copy the entire ..\HearSoft folder and all its contents over from the old server to the new server. If the database file is not in the standard location of ..\HearSoft\Database, you will need to locate the database file HEARAID.FDB and copy that. You should also copy the file C:\Firebird\Security.fdb to the equivalent location on the new server (this transfers the existing usernames and passwords)
4.On the new server: Create a network share for the \HearSoft folder, then open the file ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Firebird.ini and modify the following entries to reflect the Computer Name of the new server (substitute the actual name for NEWSERVERNAME! and also  the new UNC paths)










5.The final step is to add a firewall exception on the server for the Firebird executable C:\Firebird\bin\fbserver.exe, or for TCP port 3050

HearAid 5.0 runs in all current Windows environments from Windows XP, either 32- or 64-bit