HearAid Version 5.0

How To...

How To...

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How To...

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Navigate Around the Program

Set Program Options/Settings

Transfer HearAid 5.0 to a New Server

Change Dates to Display in Australian Format



Modify Look-up Lists

Print Mailing Labels from the Address Book list


Client Data

Find a Client

Add or Change Client Details

Make a Client "Inactive"

Recover a Deleted Client

Add or Change Notes about a Client

Add or Change OHS Claims

Add or Change Orders

Add or Change Fittings

Add or Change Repairs

Enter an Audiogram

Merge Two Client Records

Change the Maintenance Letter

Run Automated Maintenance Claim Preparation

Print a Summary of Client Data

Find the Owner of a Hearing Aid



Prepare a Test Batch for OHS/Medicare

Mark a Claim as complete and ready for e-Claiming

Prepare a Claim Batch for Uploading to Medicare

Upload a Claim Batch to the Medicare web site

Download a Claim Response file from the Medicare Web Site

Reconcile a Claim Response file

Fix Medicare "Lodged Out of Sequence" Errors

Roll Back Automated Maintenance Claims Prepared with the Old/Wrong Schedule


Appointment Calendar

Add or Change Calendar Resources

Add or Change an Appointment

Find an Appointment

Find a Cancellation

Find Free Appointment Times

Send SMS and EMail Reminders to Clients

Set the default Notes content for Appointments



Add or Change Users

Backup the Database

Restore from a Backup File

Synchronise Databases on Notebooks

Query the Database