HearAid Version 5.0



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The Industrial module allows reporting on company employees using demographic and audiogram data stored in the database. Clients may be included in Industrial reports if a Company has been allocated in Details|Identifiers


Industrial screening outcome criteria default to those used in Victoria. Users in other states can enter appropriate criteria in Tools|Options|Industrial Screening Rules


To use the Industrial module:


1.Add the employee as a client


2.Assign a Company/Employer in Details/Identifiers


3.Add a Test result. Any text entered in the report will appear in the Results report, but client notesremain confidential


Once test data have been entered company screening reports can be generated by


1.Selecting Company Clients in View


2.Selecting a Company in View


3.Selecting Summary, Results, Letters, or Noise Survey from the Program Navigator


4.Set a Date Range for test dates to be included in the report


5.Click Print Report on the toolbar