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All Lists used in HearAid can be customised by users (user-definable). The lists supplied are generally commonly used but there is no reason why users cannot add, modify, delete or substitute other codes which are more suited to their own practices. Some codes, such as Items, Tiers and Error Codes, are defined by the Office of Hearing Services and should only be modified with extreme care!


The Toolbar:



All Lists use the same toolbar. Toolbar button functions are described in the Tools|Browse topic


The Work Area:

Lists Work Areas are of two basic types:




Cards with Lists




With Tables data is entered directly into each cell


With Cards data is entered into the card, while the List is useful for navigating through the table. Clicking in the List and starting to type will quickly scroll through the list using an incremental search


To Add new items to lists:


1.Press the Insert key on the keyboard, or click Insert New Record to add a new row or alternatively, click Duplicate on an existing row to copy an existing row


2.Enter the required information in each cell


3.Press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save to store the changes into the database. If important information is missing HearAid will generate an error and prompt you to correct it