HearAid Version 5.0

Look & Feel

Look & Feel

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Look & Feel

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HearAid offers two different "Look and Feel" styles for toolbars and splitter, selectable from a pop-up menu which is displayed by right-clicking the mouse over the Program Navigator. Style settings preferences are stored separately for each user.



Skin, Toolbar style and View options are selectable from pop-up menus. Show Splitter will display a splitter between the Program Navigator and the work-area pane which can be used to resize the window elements

Select Skin

After selecting Use Skin, users can select from 21 different "skins" e.g. Summer2008:



Users can choose from three different toolbar styles

Select View

The Program Navigator Look and Feel is determined by selecting from one of Office, XP, Explorer, Tree, or Vista views.



Base Work-Area sets the work-area which is shown after the program starts


The Toolbar has two possible styles, the default Office-Style or Standard

Office Style