HearAid Version 5.0



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The Clients work area gives access to all the data stored for each client

Search provides a simple tool for locating a client's data records


Details stores demographic information, contact details, OHS client information, Medicare, DVA and Centrelink numbers. It is also possible to store and "External ID" which can be used in conjunction with the PMI table to store references to another database, such as a hospital system


Notes stores clinical notes


Tests stores test and clinical report records


Orders contains order records


Fittings stores device fitting records


Claims contains Office of Hearing Services claim records


Consumables stores battery and consumable issue records


Repairs is used to generate and store device repair order records


Recalls is used to store Recall information for clients e.g. to flag clients for annual review or follow-up


Documents can be used for electronic document storage and includes direct access to your connected scanner


Table is a customisable table view of your client list which can be sorted and filtered and used as a data source for mail-merging