HearAid Version 5.0



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The Toolbar:



The toolbar gives access to these functions:

Load opens the Load Template window and allows you to select a template to paste directly into notes
Save allows you to save the current note as a new template
Text format buttons allow you to apply font and text attributes to selected text
Spell Check and Thesaurus
Insert Address inserts the address selected by the user into the body of the note, to simplify letter creation in Notes. Users can insert the client's address, the client's Contact address or an address from the Address Book
Letter will print the content of the current note as a letter, adding the default letterhead if you have chosen not to use your own pre-printed letterhead in Options|General|Letterhead
Print Notes will print out all notes for the currently selected client; clicking the drop-down arrow on the button will offer the option to print just the currently-selected note

The Word Processing functions on the toolbar are explained in the Editor topic


The Work Area:



Notes can also be viewed as a "history", by clicking on the View History tab



To Add a new record:


1.Click on the Note Form
2.Click the Add/Edit Notes tab if it is not already selected
3.Press the Insert key on the keyboard, or click Insert New Record on the work area toolbar
4.Templates can be loaded into the note by clicking the Load button
5.Enter the Note Date, Note Type (optional), Practitioner (optional) and the note text and press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar


To Edit an existing note:


1.Click on the Form
2.Press Ctrl+Insert on the keyboard, or click Edit on the work area toolbar
3.Modify the note and press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar

Client notes are saved as separate records for each note and each record is stamped with the date and time. Notes are shared amongst all users and provide a useful method for conveying information between clinicians. The also reduce the amount of paper in client files! At Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic we record all contacts with clients, including telephone calls and casual visits, in the notes.

Users of HearAid Version 4.0 who stored notes using the "Single Note" format may be concerned that they cannot see all notes in one document in HearAid Version 5.0, but clicking the Print Notes button on the work area toolbar will combine all the notes into a single document which is displayed in the Print Preview window.

Note Type provides a convenient method for categorising notes. For example, reasons for refitting OHS clients could be tagged. Note Types can be created in Lists|Note Types

Client Notes are also a very convenient way of writing, printing and storing letters to or about clients:


1.Type in the content of the letter
2.Save the note
3.Click the Letter button


For example: