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Order Forms

Order Forms

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Order Forms

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HearAid offers users a choice of two types of Order form:


Generic forms, which can be used for all suppliers and
Custom forms, which use a scanned image of a supplier's order form and print order details over the top


The Order Forms window is where new custom forms can be connected to the Order Form list

To add a new custom order form to HearAid:


1.Scan the supplier's order form and save the image, as either a JPEG (.jpg) or BITMAP (.bmp) file, in the ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Reports\Orders folder


2.Use HearAid Explorer to create a new report template. There is a sample template called Sample Order.rtm in the ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Reports\Orders folder which can be used as a starting point


Click on the sample template and choose Modify Template from the toolbar, then choose Save As.. in the Report Wizard to give the template a new name
Click on the (Order Image) then right-click on it again and choose Picture... from the pop-up menu and select the image file to use as the background
Position the information boxes over the appropriate areas of the order form image. If necessary, more fields can be added from the Data tab in the Wizard
Save the template


3.Go to Lists|Order Forms in the Program Navigator and click the Insert New Record button on the work area toolbar


4.Select the new template from the list in the Form Name box


5.Select the new image from the list in the Form Image File box


6.Select the Supplier


7.Save the new record


The new Order Form will now be available for orders for that Supplier