HearAid Version 5.0

Parse Batch

Parse Batch

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Parse Batch

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The Toolbar:

There are no Toolbar buttons for this function. It is used solely to examine the detailed content of a batch file


The Work Area:

The Work Area consists of a Batch Record pane, which lists each line of the batch file in sequence

The first row in a batch file is always the MSH row, or Message Header record and is immediately followed by a Z12 row, the Batch Header record




As you click on a row in the Batch Record pane, the content of the Segment pane changes to display the value stored in each segment or field in that row. Z13 rows are the Claim records




Z14 rows are the Item rows. HearAid 5.0 enforces a single-item-per-claim rule, so each Z13 row should be followed by a single Z14 row. Z14 rows will be followed by either another Z13 row, or a Z15 row if it is the last claim in the batch. The Z15 row is the Batch Trailer record and is always the last record in a batch




When checking a batch file for errors, step through each row in the Batch Record pane and make sure


The rows are in the proper sequence:








Each row begins with a proper Segment ID and
There are no blank rows


If you do identify an error with a batch file, contact HearSoft Pty Ltd for assistance