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HearAid 5.0 offers an automated appointment reminder system. Reminders can be sent in two ways:

1.Using Email. If there is an email address entered in Client Details, the reminder system will generate an email containing the appointment time and location for each appointment for the selected date. The location is picked up from the address for the Site linked to the Calendar Resource and each Calendar Resource should be linked to a Site
2.Using SMS. If clients have a mobile phone number listed in Client Details and SMSAdvantage software package has been installed on the computer, an SMS message is created for each appointment detailing the  appointment time and messages are exported into a CSV file which will be automatically picked up and processed. Replies from clients responding to the SMS will be flagged within SMSAdvantage

Only appointments/events showing the "Appointment" icon AppointmentIcon will be processed. If you need to reprocess reminders for a selected date you will first need to click on Reminders|Reset Status and reset those appointments

Generating Reminder Messages:

1.From the Appointments work-area, click on the Reminders button and choose from All, Email or SMS
2.The Prepare Reminders window provides fine control over which reminders are generated, depending on appointment date and resource
Reminders can be generated for All Resources - as shown above - or for Selected Resources
For Selected Resources the user checks the Resource item/s in the drop-down list that will be included; the names displayed will update automatically as each item is selected. If the Preview SMS Messages box is checked, SMSAdvantage will automatically display a preview list of the messages to be sent. To complete the process click the Send button, or to abort just close the preview window. If you abort the SMS process you will need to use Reminders|Reset Status for the selected date before you can prepare the SMS message list again.
3.Email messages are not previewed and are sent directly, bypassing the user's email program. A record of the emails is maintained in the EMAIL_LOG table
4.The CALENDAR_REMINDERS table maintains a record of both SMS and Email reminders (please note: the email addresses and phone numbers in the screen shot are dummies!)


Message Templates

The text files used as message templates can be found in the \HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Reminders folder. The file Message.txt is the template for SMS messages and Email.txt is the template for email messages. The templates can be edited in Notepad.

Make a backup copy of the existing file before making any changes!!

This is a sample SMS message template:

"This is a courtesy confirmation of your hearing appt at <<Time>> on <<Day>> <<Date>> at <<SAddress>>. Pls call <<SPhone>> if you can't attend or need further information"


The double-quotes at the beginning and the end of the text are mandatory. Merge fields are contained in << >> and the following fields are available:

<<Client Name>> The client's given name and family name combined

<<Time>> The time of the appointment

<<Day>> The day of the appointment e.g. Monday

<<Date>> The date of the appointment

<<Resource>> The name of the calendar resource linked to the appointment, as it appears at the top of the column in the Calendar sheet

<<SPhone>> The phone number for the site linked to the calendar resource

<<SAddress>> The street address for the site linked to the calendar resource