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HearAid uses two levels of security to protect the database from unauthorised access and manipulation:

1.Database login
2.Password protection of some Tools functions


Database Login

When HearAid is used in Client/Server mode or shared-access "Local Host" mode, you must log in to the database at start-up, using a valid User Name and Password:




The database comes with two registered users: SYSDBA and HEARSOFT. SYSDBA is the "system database administrator" and has ultimate rights over all aspects of database access and manipulation... SYSDBA can do anything!!


For this reason it is essential that the owner of the practice or business or software change the default database password for SYSDBA as soon as the software has been installed


To change database passwords and to add or remove authorised users to the database, select Tools|Security from the Program Navigator and log in as SYSDBA. To change the SYSDBA password, follow the Modify User instructions, below.

The other pre-set user account is HEARSOFT. This account is intended to allow HearSoft Support access to the database in case of an urgent support request, without the need to know the SYSDBA password; it is not, and cannot be used for, any form of "spyware" or backdoor data access! If your SYSDBA is not comfortable with having an external user account, the account can be removed by the SYSDBA; contact HearSoft Pty Ltd for instructions on how to remove the account.


The Toolbar



Click Add User to add a new User
Click Modify User if you want to change an existing user's User Name, Password or Optional Information
Click Delete User to remove a user account. SYSDBA and HEARSOFT cannot be removed using this function (SYSDBA cannot be removed at all, but HEARSOFT can be removed, if required, using an undocumented procedure. Contact HearSoft Pty Ltd for further information)
Click on the Save button to save your changes to the database


The Work Area



To Add a new user account:

1.Click the Add User button
2.Enter the User Name
3.Enter the user's password into New Password
4.Enter the user's password again into Confirm Password
5.Optionally enter the user's proper names into Optional Information
6.Individual users can also be granted Administrator privileges, which are the same as SYSDBA privileges in terms of manipulating the database with INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE functions
7.(Optional) Click the Locations the user will be able to view
8.Click the Save button


To Modify a user account:

1.Click the Modify User button
2.Change details in the same way as for adding a new account
3.Save the changes