HearAid Version 5.0

Speech  Audiometry

Speech  Audiometry

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Speech  Audiometry

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The Toolbar:



Clear Results removes all results for the current page
Copy L » R copies all result from the left ear to the right ear


The Work Area:



The work area consists of a Results Table and the Speech Audiogram. To enter Speech results

1.Press Ctrl+Insert on the keyboard, or click Edit on the work area toolbar
2.Either directly key numbers into the table,
Point-and-Click on the speech audiogram


When clicking in the audiogram, holding down the Ctrl key will toggle "Masked"
Holding down the Shift key will toggle "No Response"
The symbols used are determined by the setting of the Left/Right radio buttons below the audiogram


3.Press Ctrl+S on the keyboard, or click Save Changes on the work area toolbar


A Normal performance-intensity curve is plotted when AB Word Lists are used
The speech audiogram title and the intensity labels change, depending on the selected dB Units and whether the Free-field and Aided boxes are checked
Default word list and dB units can be set in Tools|Options|General
The speech audiogram axes also change when plotting Speech-in-Noise results (S/N is selected in dB Units)