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It is strongly recommended that users backup their original data before using the Synchronise procedure!


The Toolbar:


Click Synchronise Data Now to begin the synchronisation process


The Work Area:

Data synchronisation is a process for bringing data from two different databases together so that, at the end of the process, the data in the target database is identical to the data in the source database.

How does it work? HearAid "stamps" each data record with an unique 36-character identifier an the date/time the record was last updated. The synchronisation process checks each record in the source database table which has a date/time stamp later than the Synchronise Data Modified Since date against the record in the target database which has the same identifier. If the identifier is not in the target database, a new record is added to the target; if the date/time stamp in the source database is more recent than in the target database, the target is updated

Synchronisation of Lists is slightly different: as each list table is processed, codes from the source table are compared with codes in the target table. If a code exists in both tables, the details in the target table record are updated to match the source table record; if there is no matching code in the target table, the code and details from the source table are added to the target table

There are two possible Synchronisation Methods:

1.Download from Server to Local Database. This method only transfers data from the (source) office server to the (target) database on the local computer e.g. a notebook which is taken out of the office. Use this method to update a notebook database before taking the notebook out of the office
2.Upload to Server from Local Database. This method will update the (target) office server with any new or modified data in the (source) local computer's database. Use this method to update the server after the notebook is returned to the office

In each case, the source database does not change! Only the target database is updated.

Data tables and List tables are synchronised separately
HearAid Version 5.0 also allows users to update tables selectively. To synchronise a single table, un-tick the Process All Tables box, select the table to synchronise then click the Synchronise Data Now button