HearAid Version 5.0

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View Batch

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View Batch

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The Toolbar:

ViewBatch Toolbar


Print Batch File prints the contents of the selected file, highlighted in the File List at the bottom left of the Work Area


The Work Area:



As can be seen from the screen shot, batch files are complex creatures which need tender care and management if they are to be acceptable to Medicare! See the Prepare Batch topic for a detailed explanation of how HearAid creates them from claim data.

Any changes you may make to a batch file in the editor will not be saved. However, you may edit a batch file by

1.Right-clicking an ECLAIMS file in the File List and choosing Edit or Open from the pop-up menu, then
2.Edit the file contents in Notepad
3.Press Ctrl+S to save your changes


Press Ctrl+F to search the batch file text

Search Batch

Occasionally there may be a problem with a batch which is difficult to track down. At those times the Parse Batch function may be really useful. To examine the contents of a batch more closely, double-click a batch file in the File List.


Batch files and their integrity are vital to electronic claiming with Medicare and users are strongly advised to avoid manually editing them, even when the Medicare Help Desk or OHS staff suggest that course of action! However, there may be occasions when the best solution to an electronic claiming problem is to manually edit a batch file and when those circumstances arise users are urged to contact HearSoft Pty Ltd for assistance