HearAid Version

Modified in this update:

·         Templates for Client Summary and Client Notes have been updated to include the “Author” of the note – this will typically be the practitioner, but clinics where admin/reception staff make notes in the client record can add those people in the Practitioners list (without an OHS Practitioner number, of course!)

·         Process OHS Return Voucher Requests has been added to the Quick Report menu (OHS Clients Voucher Renewals in has been removed). This item can be used to bulk process clients whose vouchers were issued in the set date range, to create RVR e-Form request for emailing to OHS. This change has been made in response to the revised OHS policy – notified to us on 30 May 2012 – that individual client signatures were no longer required for the bulk processing of return voucher application requests.

Businesses with multiple Minor CSIDs will need to ensure that all clients have a Location specified in Client Details to ensure that e-Form requests will be correctly processed by OHS.

Note: Invalid voucher dates ie user errors when entering the voucher date, will cause this report to fail; a separate script (Invalid OHS Voucher Dates.sql in the ..\HearSoft\HearAid 5.0\Reports\SQL folder) is available to identify clients with invalid voucher dates

·         A new “Quick Email” function has been added to generate emails for mail merge queries, with the option to attach other files. The intended use is to allow users to email files such as PDF documents – newsletters, etc – to clients with email addresses. The function is available in both the Quick Reports|Mail Merge windows, and Database|Query

Fixed in this update:

·         Code modification to eliminate “List index out of bounds” errors

HearAid Version Service Packs 2 - 4

Enhancements/Changes in this update:

·         The memory footprint has been optimised to reduce load in Terminal Services or Citrix environments

·         Calendar Resource icons have been removed: use of the icons caused start-up delays in some environments

·         Claims for 840/850 items in conjunction with 930/940 items on the same day will now be bundled together during batch processing, to ensure correct payment from Medicare

·         Right-clicking on the pure tone or speech audiogram allows users to copy the audiogram to the clipboard in either WMFEnhanced or Bitmap format. WMFEnhanced images can be pasted into Notes, Reports, etc. Audiograms cannot be copied while they are being edited.

·         Emails are now sent via the user's default email client

·         WeekBegins and WeekEnds functions have been added to the HearSoftUDF.dll library used by the Firebird database engine. A separate Update installer (UpdateDLL.exe) and the WeekBegins.ddl script must be executed to complete the installation. Once installed the optional Recalls Due list which can be displayed at start-up will show recalls due for the current week, ensuring that recalls which may fall due on a week-end will not be overlooked

·         The Parameters dialog now also displays in Database|Query when executing SQL scripts containing parameters

Fixed in this update:

·         Claim batch preparation has been modified to ensure combination claims of 760, 840 or 850 items with 930/940 items with the same service date can be processed correctly by Medicare

·         Exporting to CSV format failed for parameterised Custom Quick Reports queries

·         Data cards did not print correctly unless the “Auto Width” option was set manually in the Preview window

·         Retrieving battery size and manufacturer for devices added in Fittings was inconsistent

·         Filters applied to queries in Database|Query did not propagate to mail merges

·         Minor sorting inconsistencies on look-up lists

·         Slow start-up on some networks, depending on “Group Policy” settings

·         Presbyacusis percentage calculation was not implementing the 68 years cut-off criterion correctly

·         Selecting a client from the Select Client list, or from Search, then clicking on Client Details changed the selected client to the last client in the list. This typically occurred when Client Details was being opened for the first time in a session

·         When using the Calendar in Single Resource mode, the selected resource was not being remembered between sessions

·         Editing appointments could be disabled after switching Single Resource mode on and off

·         Various speed enhancements

HearAid Version Service Pack 1

Enhancements/Changes in this update:

   The internal Web Browser has been removed due to incompatibilities with updates to the Medicare web site causing script errors. Creating claim batches or clicking on “Connect to Medicare” will now open the Windows User's default web browser and navigate directly to the Medicare web portal

   The maximum number of open Work Areas can be set in Tools|Options (defaults to 5, minimum 1); this option may help if you encounter “insufficient memory to process this command” errors

   A default appointment label can be set in Tools|Options|Calendar

   Selecting a “Location” can also optionally restrict the view of calendar resources to just those resources linked to the selected site/location; this option is set in Tools|Options|Calendar|Enable Filtering Resources by Location

   The program has been optimised to be “Terminal Services Aware”. The “No Skins” version of HearAid5.exe is recommended for use in TS or Citrix 0environments because of the reduced memory overhead

   Further work has been done to eliminate/reduce “Unable to open Clipboard” error messages

HearAid Version

Enhancements/Changes in this update:

   The Appointment Calendar has the following added functionality:

1.  Lists of available Cancelled appointments for either the currently-selected resource, or all resources are visible on a slide-out panel on the right of the Appointments work-area

2.  Possible available time-slots/gaps for either the currently-selected resource, or all resources are also visible on the slide-out panel. Note: The lists will show recurrent appointment time-slots as available. Users can exclude up to 3 time-slots from the list e.g. if lunch, morning and afternoon breaks have been added to the calendar as recurrent appointments, these time slots can be specifically excluded

3.  A Practitioner can be allocated to an appointment

   Fax and Email fields have been added to Sites; these fields are used in some of the new Quick Forms from OHS

     Selecting a Location on the main toolbar will also filter the calendar resources and limits the display to those resources which share the selected location if "Enable Filtering Resources by Location" is ticked in Tools|Options|Calendar

   Rich text stored in notes, reports and templates displays as readable plain text when viewed in Notes|View History, Tools|Browse and Database|Query

   A “Default Font” button has been added to the Options menu when editing Notes, Test Reports and Rich Text documents. Clicking “Default Font” removes all text attributes and sets the font and size to the font set in Tools|Options|General|Default Rich Text Font

   Refit Guidelines and Refit Request in Quick Forms have been updated

   WANT Questionnaire (with instructions) has been added to Quick Forms

   Spare Aid form has been added to Quick Forms

   The view of clients and calendar resources can be restricted by allocating Locations to users in Tools|Security. For this to work effectively, clients should have a Location allocated in Client Details, and calendar resources must have a Site allocated

   The list of Notes dates on the right of the Client|Notes work area is now sorted and grouped by Note Type

   A Practitioner field has been added to Notes

   If “Mandatory Location in Client Details” is set in Tools|Options, the client's location will appear on the status bar e.g. “Mr Aaron Aardvaark [OHS @ Some Location]”

   The prompt for the last user to exit HearAid 5.0 to make a backup can be switched off. Switching off this prompt is ONLY recommended if users have set up a batch file to perform database backups as a Windows Scheduled Task!

   Comments can be added to pure tone, speech and impedance results

   Program Navigator groups' visibility can be more finely controlled using the Firebird.ini file, so that a logged in user with a PUBLIC role may only see the “Client” and “Calendar” groups, a POWER user may also see the “e-Claims” and “e-Forms” groups, while an ADMINISTRATOR will be able to see all groups. As a consequence of this change, setting the Base Work-Area user-preference has been moved to the pop-up menu for the Program Navigator. The Tools|Security work-area has also been updated to facilitate role selection for users

Fixed in this update:

   'This client is not visible in the current View!' error message when selecting a client in the look-up list in the Appointment editor

   Double-clicking on an appointment listed in Client Details did not select the correct calendar resource if the calendar is being viewed in “Display Events for a Single Resource” mode and the current resource did not match the appointment resource

   Claiming a Rehab Plus item could un-tick the Binaural box in Client Details

   Paragraph attributes (bullets, numbers) were not being transferred to and from templates (e.g. in Notes and Tests) when loading/saving templates

   “Cannot open Clipboard” error when copying appointments in Terminal Services sessions. Users may still need to perform the Copy operation 2 or 3 times to initialise the Clipboard, but the error should no longer appear. This error appears to be confined to Terminal Services/Remote Desktop connections.