The latest versions of HearSoft software are available for download to licensed  users.

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HearAid Version 5.0

The current release of HearAid 5.0 is Version (Build

This update requires users to have previously updated to Version! Please contact HearSoft Pty Ltd if you are uncertain about updating. If you are running an earlier release, you must update your HearAid 5.0 installation. To check which version you have currently installed, check in Help|About HearAid on the main tool bar.

If you are running HearAid 5.0 on a network, be sure to install the update on the network server FIRST, then immediately log in to HearAid 5.0 using the SYSDBA username to automatically install any required updates to the database.

Click here to download the complete update installation program for the current release - Version (14.4 MB)

Click here to download HearSoftUDF.dll (Version 5.6.3, released 5 September 2018)

Click here to view the HearAid Version 5.0 Update Notes

If your currently installed version is earlier than Version, please contact HearSoft Pty Ltd for advice BEFORE you install this update!

HearAid Version 5.0 Table Updates

The new database in HearAid Version 5.0 allows quick updating of key tables, such as the HSP Fee Schedule, Public Holidays, and so on. Update scripts will be posted here for HearAid 5.0 users to download; once downloaded, extract the script from the zip file then run the script in Database|Query in order to update the database

Public Holidays 2018-19

HSP Fee Schedule 2019

HearAid Version 5.0 Additional Report Templates

Additional report templates should be downloaded into the Reports folder set in Tools|Options|Database & Analysis|Report Template Folder in HearAid 5.0

OHS e-Claim Payments Due

HearAid Version 5.0 Evaluation Edition

The Evaluation Edition of HearAid Version 5.0 is available for download. If you would like to download the free Evaluation Version  contact HearSoft Pty Ltd


All HearSoft applications are developed with Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi)