Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Install Software Updates?

How do I install HearAid 5.0 on a notebook which will be taken out of the office to visiting sites?

When entering a Fitting claim, HearAid 5.0 still defaults to old OHS device amounts, even though I have updated the Items and Categories tables

Some clients are not appearing in the Maintenance Due and Auto Maintenance processing in HearAid 5.0

How do I Prepare  an e-Claim test batch for the Office of Hearing Services?

The OHS/Medicare response file I just downloaded is not visible in the Reconcile list...

How do I fix "Missing Claim" and "Missing Claim Item" errors in e-Claim Reconciliation?

What do I do when I have accidentally tried to lodge claim batches "out of sequence" and the Medicare web site will not accept a batch?

Is there an easy way to update the OHS Item and Tier fee schedules to reflect new or current fees? Yes! Just click here for HearAid Version 5.0

How do I then actually update the OHS Items and Categories fee schedules each year?

How do I update the OHS Device List?

How do I execute an SQL script in HearAid 5.0?

I get an error message when I try to save Client Details data in HearAid Version 5.0

Is there a quick way to calculate the effective GST rate on OHS items that I can use in MYOB or QuickBooks?