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HearSoft also owns and operates Goulburn Valley Hearing Clinic, the Goulburn Valley Region's private Audiology service provider since 1987.

Late News

HearAid 5.0 HSP 2019 Fee Schedule Update

The HearAid Version 5.0 update for the HSP 2019 fee schedule is now available for download. This update only applies to HearAid Version or later.

HearAid 5.0 Update

The new HearAid Version update which incorporates the latest OHS Eligibility for Refit criteria is now available for download.

HearAid Version Is Now Available

HearAid Version has been released and is now available for download.

The many new features in this release are described here

HearAid 5.0 and the OHS Hearing Services On-line Portal

With the public release of the Office of Hearing Services' Hearing Services On-line portal on 18 February 2015, the HearAid Version update to be released on 11 February 2015 will remove the old e-Forms functions and add a new toolbar button to facilitate quick access to the portal.

HearAid 5.0 Help now available on-line

The complete HearAid 5.0 help program is now available from this web site, by clicking the HearAid 5.0 On-line Help link in the menu panel on the left. Users will now be able to access the latest help build at any time, without waiting to install a program update. Answers to the most of the support questions we get asked can be found in the How To... and Frequently Asked Questions topics in the help file!

Rehab Plus Evaluation Forms templates which can be added to the Quick Forms menu are now available for download.

HearAid 5.0 Integration with SMSAdvantage

We are pleased to announce a new service for HearAid 5.0 users: Integration with SMSAdvantage. This service allows HearAid users to automatically schedule, generate and send SMS reminder messages to clients in the HearAid Appointment Calendar. Timely appointment reminders via SMS will reduce the number of unkept appointments in your clinic and the HearAid/SMSAdvantage combination is also cost-effective way to send other messages to your clients: birthday greetings, "open house" and other promotional event announcements.

Users of SMSAdvantage report they are experiencing around 80% reduction in cancellations and no-shows. The cost (and frustration level) of having receptionists phone people far exceeds the cost of SMS reminders, and the ability to send immediately or schedule the messages for automatic later delivery makes it "worth its weight in gold".

Integrating HearAid 5.0 with QuickBooks®

An Interface between HearAid 5.0 and popular accounting program QuickBooks® is available as an optional add-on module for HearAid Version and later releases only.

If you are interested in the new Accounts Interface, please contact HearSoft Pty Ltd  

HearAid Version 5.0 is now available!

The new version of HearAid has been released. HearAid Version 5.0 has a new, modern interface, an industrial-strength database and many new features designed to enhance the value of HearAid to your business. HearAid Version 5.0 also incorporates and extends the features of the ScreenAid and ReportAid programs.

HearAid Version 5.0 Release Notes

HearAid Version 5.0 Screen Shots

A free Evaluation Edition of HearAid Version 5.0 is available. Existing HearAid 4.0 users can install the Evaluation Edition and convert their existing data to see the new features before upgrading. Potential HearAid users can evaluate the program for themselves; the Evaluation Edition is supplied with a sample database.

If you would like to download a free Evaluation version of HearAid Version 5.0, contact HearSoft Pty Ltd